Samadhi of His Grace Sripad Aindra Prabhu

The 15th of July 2010 commemorated 30 days since the passing of His Grace  Sripad Aindra Prabhu. His room was just renovated covered with fresh cow dung. All the deities were moved back in and a ceremony was held  establishing his Samadhi. Some of his god brothers were present; they  glorified his services and activities. Gopal Prabhu on behalf of the  devotees of the 24 hour kirtan department placed his sacred ashes into  Samadhi and also part took in performing all the formalities led by our  head pujari H.G Mukunda Datta prabhu. A fire sacrifice was held where we offered 108 Mahamantras and then Vaisnava Homa was performed. After the formalities were completed all the devotees present took a small  procession down to Mukunda Datta prabhus house where a bhoga offering  was done and the Mahaprasad distributed.
Soon after arriving in  Vrindavan in the 1980’s Sripad Aindra prabhu moved into room no 89 of  the Brahmacari Ashram and continued to stay there for 24 years. His room depicted the Vrindavan mood with cow dung art on the walls which was  done by him, Yamuna clay on the floor and remnants of the original Tamal tree from the temple courtyard. He only left his room to come for his  kirtan services, Deity Dressing services, to purchase bhoga for his  Deities, going to the bathroom and very rarely for other purposes. Most  of his time was spent in his room chanting many rounds, studying Srila  Prabhupada’s books and the Goswami literatures as well as performing his personal Deity worship. It was the desire of H.G Sripad Aindra prabhu  that his Samadhi be nearby his Deities and that the worship of over 2000 Saligrama Sheilas, Nitai Saci Suta and his many other Deities go on as  he was doing. His presence is very much felt in his room and he will  continue to reside there to inspire everyone especially the devotees of  the 24 kirtan department to keep the blazing fire of the Harinaam  Sankirtan Yajna burning.

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